2017-2019 District ONE Board of Directors

Anne Rash, Governor
Altrusa International of Northeastern CT

Contact: annerash@charter.net
Linda Ring, Governor Elect
Altrusa International of Central CT

Contact: Linda.Ring@comcast.net
Pam Lemieux, First Vice Governor
Altrusa International of Portland, ME

Contact: pamela.lemieux@myfairpoint.net
Patricia Penny Eldridge, Second Vice Governor
Altrusa International of Seacoast, ME

Contact: onecent.peni@gmail.com
Rita Cote, Treasurer
Altrusa International of Greater Biddeford-Saco ME

Contact: rita@jonescove.net
Diane English, Director
Altrusa International of Litchfield County, CT

Contact: denglish686@sbcglobal.net
Violet Sims, Director
Altrusa International of Greater Hartford, CT

Contact: violetsims@yahoo.com
Sue Hawes, Past Governor
Altrusa International of Bangor, ME

Contact: smhbangor@aol.com

2017-2019 District ONE Biennium Team

  • ASTRA:  
  • BRR:   Susannah Leslie (Plymouth County, MA)
  •  email:  rsleslie111@verizon.net  (781) 871-3676
  • Parliamentarian: Pat Jackowski, (Central CT)
  • email:  pjjcjj@sbcglobal.net  (860) 344-8622
  • District Service Bulletin:  Cathy Baybutt (Carroll County, NH)
  •   email:  cathybaybutt@gmail.com (603) 651-8464
  • Communications: Linda Ring (Central CT)
  •   email:  linda.ring@comcast.net  (860) 635-7622
  • Website:  Denise Doyon (Greater Biddeford/Saco, ME)
  •   email:  ddpills@maine.rr.com (207) 282-2717
  • Facebook:  
  • Foundation Liaison:  Mary Weinland (Northeastern CT)
  •  email:  marytimweinland@charter.net  (860) 450-0055
  • Leadership Development: Gerrie Ann Diaz (Greater Hartford, CT)
    • email: geggie78@gmail.com  (860)712-0154 
  • Membership Development:  Mary Faries (Bermuda) email:  maryff@bl.bm  (441) 295-3596 and
  • Georgette Rondeau (Quebec) email:  georgette.rondeau@gmail.com (418) 826-0604 
  • New Club Development: vacant
  • Service Liaison: Gail Douglas (Northeastern, CT)
  •  email:  ellengdouglas@gmail.com (860) 647-1581
  • Archives:  Sandra Labonte (Seacoast, NH)
  • email:  slabonte17@aol.com
  • Awards:  Susannah Leslie (Plymouth County, MA)
  • email:  rsleslie111@verizon.net  (781) 871-3676


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