District ONE Annual Awards

 The following awards were given at District ONE Conference in April of 2017:

The Gabrielle Crepeau "Gabby" Leadership Award:  Anita Chandler, Portland, ME

The ASTRA award: none  

The Governor's Award:  Linda Ring, Central CT 

The Membership award for largest number of new members:  with 7 new members, Greater Hartford, CT won first place; with 5 new members, Portland, ME won second place and with 3 new members, Northeastern CT and Plymouth County, MA tied for 3rd place.

The Membership award for net gain in Membership:  First Place-- Greater Hartford CT for the second year in a row and Second Place--tied Northeastern CT, Merrimack Valley and Portland ME 

The Membership award for the largest percentage gain in membership:  First Place--Greater Hartford CT-58% first place for the second year in a row;  Second Place--Merrimack Valley--18% and Third Place--Portland, ME-17% for the second year in a row and Plymouth County, MA 17% also   

Newsletter Award:  First Place-Portland, ME, Second Place-Central CT, Third Place-Carroll County NH.  All 3 clubs were winners last year--all in the same positions!

Publicity Award:  Central CT

Yearbook Award:  First Place-Bermuda and Portland, ME; Second Place-Plymouth County, MA  and Third Place-Central CT 

Letha H. Brown Award:  First Place-Portland, ME "ABC:  Altrusa, Books and Children"and Second Place-Central CT "Books Make the Difference at Hallie House

Mamie L. Bass Award:  First Place-Central CT "Homeless To Homebound", Second Place-Northeastern CT "Sharing the Spirit of the Season", Third Place-Portland, ME "Bags of Hope"

Nina Faye Calhoun Award:  Plymouth County, MA  

Anniversary Celebrations:  5 years for Greater Hartford, CT, 60 years for Litchfield County, CT and 70 years for Laconia NH!    




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